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1. CLEVERLAND Innovation Forum

Lead partner Hochschule Niederrhein invites to its project CLEVERLAND first Cross-Border Knowledge Transfer in the euregio rhine-meuse-north

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) characterize the economy in the Cleverland knowledge region. In contrast to large companies and multinational enterprises, these SMEs do not have as manifold possibilities and resources to always keep up with the research strength of large companies. Therfore, it is especially interesting for SMEs to participate in knowledge transfer and knowledge flows originating, amongst others, from universities of applied sciences.

Successful economic structural change builds on existing regional compentencies, where regional actors (i.e. companies, science, and transfer agencies) jointly develop and apply innovations and disseminate them into the region. While this finding holds for all regions, border regions are subject to particular strengths and challenges. The border has still barrier effects (i.e. language, cultural differences), but also offerds the possibility to create synergies.

We organize the first “Cleverland Innovation Forum” to strenghten cross-border knowledge flows, knowledge creation and hence innovation in the euregio rhin-meus-north. This event aims to lower existing barriers between research and practice, not only between these two “spheres” but also across borders within the Cleveland region. Similarly, the Innovation Forum contributes to both facilitate and enhance contacts and project initiation between universities of applied sciences and their reasearch institutes on the one hand and regional SMEs on the other hand.

With a series of input statements from university transfer agencies and reports from SMEs located in the euregio rhine-meuse-north, this Clverland Innovation Forum exemplifies how universities can both support and drive the innovation process of companies. Our presenters com from both sides of the Dutch-German border additionally highlitghting the potentials a cross-border knowledge region, such as Cleverland, offers.

The digital event will take place on

March 11, 2021 from 4:00 to 5:30 pm

Target group: companies, start-ups, development agencies, municipalities, students

Join us and register quickly!

Cleverland Team